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My new sounds:

Eulogy for Dusio.

Sadly, my friend Nona’s kitten had to be put to sleep. Seeing as how we are about to get a kitten soon, I couldn’t help but remember this.

Mitch Hedberg (Home Movies) - Brendon Gets Rabies

"He is in the place where all cats go, a small subdivision of Animal Heaven called Whiskerville, where the rivers flow with milk and the trees are filled with tuna.  Without this cat in your lives you will notice yourselves ultimately, buying a lot less cat food.  It is our curse as human beings to outlive our beloved feline friends, we must say goodbye, feel sad and finally get another kitty. A different kitty to love and pet and clean up after, it is the cycle of kitties.  A moment of silence please."

Smile and a tear. That’s how I roll sometimes.

Signs that tell me I am still 12.

That I have unbridled joy when I get an almost empty honey bear and it makes farting sounds.

related:My wife says she loves me…


Seven and a half years ago Brett and I went out for a walk by the lake and we sat down together and he said, “We’ve been together for six years now, and I want to ask you, will you marry me?”
And I said “Yes. I want to grow old with you.”
And he said “What, right now?”
And then we both hunched over and went ARRR GET OFF MY LAWN

Oh crap. Was this a date I was supposed to remember??
I got you this gift!!! (Takes out a box with belly button lint and gin)

That’s my wife. MY wife!


childings replied to your post: I guess I got it because that’s what realizing you’re in love feels like to me

fun fact: i based this scene off the moment I was KNOCKED THE FUCK OVER by the realization I wanted to stay with Brett till we were both old and decrepit

But after that? All bets are off.